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Krebs Ranch Fall Roundup Customer Appreciation Sale

Prairie Hay for Sale: 200 Bales - Klein Grass Hay - Texas
Planted Kline grass fields fertilized and weed control. Large (60") round bales rolled in netting wrap....
Coastal Hay for Sale: 200 Bales - Coastal Mix 4X5 Net Wrapped - Texas
This is Primarily Coastal Bermuda with some other grasses mixed in. It was bailed July 15th, 2015. I...
Coastal Hay for Sale: 700 Bales - 1st Cutting Hay - Texas
1st cut, good quality cattle hay. Rounds bales- $35 each, delivery is available for additional cost....
Coastal Hay for Sale: Coastal Square Bales - Texas
Coastal Square Bales Horse Quality Hay 60lb average weight $7.00/10 or more $8.00/less than 10 4200...
Coastal Hay for Sale: High Quality Coastal Bermuda - Texas
Fertilized, weed free, Coastal and Alicia, most is dairy/horse quality barn stored $65/bale $215/ton...
Bermuda Hay for Sale: 1,000+ Rolls & Squares- Coastal, Tifton & Mixed Bermuda High Quality Round Hay - Texas
1,000+ large rolls & squares of Coastal, Tifton & Mixed Bermuda high quality, wrapped Hay. Cut & rolled...
$35.00-$50.00, $6.00 Squares
Bermuda Hay for Sale: 500 Bales - Tifton 85 (square bales) - Texas
Currently 500 square bales of Tifton-85 with some Bahia mixed in - Horse Quality. Sprayed in late Spring;...
$6 per bale
Bermuda Hay for Sale: 1000 Bales - Tifton 85 Hay - Texas
Irrigated and fertilized hay for sale. Weed free. Net wrapped and rolled tight. Large quantities and...
Hay Grazer for Sale: 500 Bales - Hay Grazer - Texas
2015 bales, 5 wide, wrapped heavy, average weight is 1320#, will load but unable to stack on trailer...
Hay Grazer for Sale: ... Tons - Haygrazer Round Bales - Texas
Well fertilized haygrazer for sale!! Net wrap....4x5 or 4x5.5 round bales This hay was well watered....
$45 a bale
Bermuda Hay for Sale: 600 Bales - Tifton 85 Square Bales - Texas
Pasture is extensively managed, fertilized, watered, and weed controlled. Bales are nutrient tested,...
$7.50 per bale
Coastal Hay for Sale: 100 Bales - Fertilize Coastal Round Bales - Texas  SOLD
100 5 1/2 X 4 poly twine wrap round bales. Fertilize coastal cut 7/4/15 off a dairy coastal field in...
Coastal Hay for Sale: 700 Bales - Texas Costal Hay - Texas
Several hundred bales of costal hay. Non fertlized but clean 30.00 .Fertlized starts at 40. Tifton Bermuda...
Starting at 30.00
Bermuda Hay for Sale: 500 Bales - Buffle Grass Round Bales - Texas
fresh cut last 8/1/2015 Posted 08-10-15
Coastal Hay for Sale: 600 Bales - Horse Quality Coastal Squares - Texas
2nd cutting, clean, and fertilized small, coastal squares. Price is for delivery within 100 miles of...
$7.50/bale out of barn, $8.50 delivered
Coastal Hay for Sale: 400 Bales - Coastal Mix 4x5 Round Bales - Texas
400 bales available in Lake Whitney TX area. Fertilized, recently baled and ready for easy loading....
Oat Hay for Sale: 145 Bales - Horse Quality Oat Hay - Texas
Round bales of good quality horse hay. Call or txt 806-330-2953 or 806-898-7072 Posted 07-31-15...
Coastal Hay for Sale: Large Fertilized Coastal Round Bales - Texas
Very large fertilized coastal round bales, first spring cutting. Green inside. Take all for 60/bale Posted...
Bermuda Hay for Sale: 100 Bales - Horse Quality Bermuda Hay - Texas
Baled 7/12/2015. We have 100 4x5 fertilized and sprayed bermuda grass rolls. Horse quality. Nationwide...
Hay Grazer for Sale: Hay Grazer For Sale / TX / Round Bales   SOLD
Just baled 7/12/2015 heavy fertilized with 250lbs per acre 36-8-0, 4 X 5.5 bales with 2-3 wraps of net...
Coastal Hay for Sale: 40 Bales - FRESH Coastal hay round bales -Texas (Weatherford, Old Millsap Road - Parker County)
40 bales for sale Just cut and baled this month. (November - late/last cutting). Heavy, dense rolls...
Bermuda Hay for Sale: 600 Bales - Mixed Grass Round Bales - Texas
fescue, Bermuda, dalis grass hay for sale. delivery available Posted 07-10-15
Coastal Hay for Sale: 83 Round Bales - Fresh Coastal Bermuda, no mildew! - Texas
We have 83 round bales of coastal Bermuda, that was fertilized and treated with grazon. Plenty of rain...
$50 - $60
Bermuda Hay for Sale: 10,000 Bales - Jiggs Coastal Sq bales. 21 in a bundle - Texas
Horse quality, no weeds and fertilized. Delivery available Posted 06-11-15
Coastal Hay for Sale: Fresh Coastal Bermuda - Texas
210 acres about to be bailed in the next few days. Hopefully 1 of 3 cuts this year . Maintained, fertilized,...
$90-100 per bale
Rye Hay for Sale: 400 Round Bales - Rye Grass Hay, Large Netwrapped, 1200 lbs. - Texas
Great quality rye grass hay available in 1150-1200 pound bales, netwrapped with a top quality commercial...
Bermuda Hay for Sale: 200 Bales - Bermuda Hay near Jacksonville - Texas
Coastal and mixed grass hay. 4x5 1/2 net wrapped rolls. Call or text Joe 903-721-0640. Posted 0...
$35.00 a roll
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 84 Bales - Alfalfa 2 String Square bales - Texas  SOLD
I have 84 bales of top quality Alfalfa hay from west Texas. This hay will weigh 85-90 lbs. I will be...
$15/bale, no minimum
Coastal Hay for Sale: 126 Bales - Good Horse or Cattle Quality Coastal Bermuda Round Bales - Texas
This is good quality, fertilized w/ 200# of liquid nitrogen and Grazon Next weed killer. 4 x 5 bales,...
$70/Bale, $65/bale take all
Bermuda Hay for Sale: 700 - Bermuda Rolls 4x6 rolls Tifton 85 Mix - Texas
This hay is a combination of Tifton 85 and Coastal. It has been fertilized and wrapped. easy loading...
Coastal Hay for Sale: 100 Tons - Coastal Hay for Sale - Texas
Bales are 5X5 net wrapped. Hay is fertilized, irrigated and weed free. Bales weigh 1000+ lbs. Posted...
$75.00/Bale $150/Ton
Bermuda Hay for Sale: 1000 Bales - Horse Coastal Bermuda Hay - Texas
Weed Free Horse Coastal Bermuda hay round and square bales ready for pick up Posted 01...
Bermuda Hay for Sale: 60,000 Bales - Premium Coastal Hay - Texas
Your year-round, one-stop source of premium, horse quality coastal and alfalfa hay is located in Lipan,...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 10,000 Bales - #1 Horse Quality Alfalfa - Texas
Extensive measures have also been taken to locate the best, safest, highest quality alfalfa that is the...
Coastal Hay for Sale: 500 - Round Bales Costal Hay - Texas  SOLD
Coastal Hay for Sale round bales Will Deliver truckload Amount Call for pricing.. 254-366-9105 Posted...
$60 - $70

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