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Hay for Sale ~ Ranch Classifieds

2018 Maddux Cattle Auction

Bermuda Hay for Sale: 10,000 Bales - Horse Quality small Sq 21 in bundle - Texas
Cleaning out the rest of the barn Will take 5.00 a bale on 34 bundle Truck loads. Hay is fertilized weed...
Coastal Hay for Sale: 300 Bales - 2017 3rd cutting Premium Fertilized Horse Hay - Texas
3rd cutting out of our well maintained east Texas hay meadows for sale, this hay is weed free with 300...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 200 Bales - Premium Alfalfa 3x3x8 Bales - Texas
HORSE QUALITY ALFALFA HAY AVAILABLE: Exceptional alfalfa hay, approved safe & reliable for your finest...
Coastal Hay for Sale: 175 - Big Round Bales 5.5 x 5 - Texas
Big Round Bahia/Coastal Mix Hay for Sale. Posted 10-30-17
Coastal Hay for Sale: 200 Bales - Bermuda, Coastal and Bahai Hay - Texas
We have fertilized hay for sale mixed grasses: bermuda, coastal and bahai ... Commercial rolls 4 x 5...
$40.00 per roll
Coastal Hay for Sale: 1,000 Bales - Coastal Hay (Fertilized Round Bales) - Texas
1000 rolls of Hay baled this year. The Heavy Fertilized Round Bales wrapped with net 4’ x 5 1/2’ size...
Oat Hay for Sale: 600 Bales - Oat Hay Round Bales - Texas  SOLD
Coastal Hay for Sale: 590 Bales - Coastal Hay - Texas  SOLD
590 Bales- 2nd cutting, fertilized, net wrapped Rounds. 1100 lbs each, 4’x 5,5’ Posted 08...
Bermuda Hay for Sale: 10,000 Bales - Horse Quality Jiggs Bermuda Hay - Texas
Fertilized horse quality Bermuda Hay. 50lb bales. Bundled 21 bales each. No weeds. Hay has good green...
Coastal Hay for Sale: 810 Bales - Horse Quality, Professionally Fertilized Coastal Hay - Texas
FRESH new cutting $75. Last cutting $40 for 4X5 round plastic netting! Discount taken on large quantities....
$40 & $75
Bermuda Hay for Sale: 100 Bales - Tifton 85 Barn Stored Horse Quality Round Bales - Texas
Tifton 85 Horse Hay. Large Round Bales Net Wrapped 800 lbs. Fertilized, sprayed and Barn Stored. We can...
Coastal Hay for Sale: Coastal Bermuda 4x5 Round Bales  SOLD
55-4x5 Coastal Bermuda Round Bales available. 6.7% protein. No Stickers. Can help load if needed. Delivery...
Coastal Hay for Sale: Whitney Tx. Horse Quality Coastal Hay, 4x5.5 Round Bales- CP 10%
Quality Coastal Hay- 1st Cut Fertilized, 300lbs per acre. Sprayed for weeds and stickers. Crude Protien...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 72 - HORSE QUALITY ALFALFA ROUND BALES - Texas
ALFALFA ROUND BALES 815 LBS AV W Posted 06-23-17
Coastal Hay for Sale: 50,000 Bales - Fresh Coastal Hay - Texas
Horse quality, two-string coastal square bales in bundles of 21 for easy handling! The best hay you can...
Coastal Hay for Sale: 1,000 Bales - Fresh 2017 Coastal/Rye - Texas  SOLD
2017 first cutting round bales now available. Fertilized hay off our best coastal fields will consist...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 100 Tons - 2 wire Alfalfa (small squares) - Texas
Horse Quality #1 Alfalfa Barn Stored 68-70 lbs This is horse quality New Mexico grown alfalfa, for...
Contact for Price
Coastal Hay for Sale: 24 Bales - Coastal (Round Bale) - Texas  SOLD
Gorgeous large Coastal Round Bales just in from DeLeon, TX! Posted 10-31-16
Wheat Hay for Sale: 34 Bales - #1 Wheat Round Bale - Texas  SOLD
Horse quality 4X5 Wheat round bale available for delivery and bulk discounts! $80 a bale! Shortys...
Alfalfa Cubes/Pellets for Sale: Hay-Rite Alfalfa Cubes  SOLD
$12.00 a bag
Alfalfa Cubes/Pellets for Sale: Sundance Premium Alfalfa Cubes  SOLD
#1 Colorado alfalfa cubes are sun cured with no additives or coloring. Cubed with steam only and is a...
$8.80 A BAG
Alfalfa Cubes/Pellets for Sale: Hay-Rite Alfalfa Cubes - Texas  SOLD
Fresh Alfalfa cubes for sale here at Shorty’s Rental and Feed! Suitable for all classes of livestock! Only...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: Arizona 3-String Alfalfa   SOLD
Arizona #1 Alfalfa 3-String Bales for sale at Shorty’s Rental and Feed! 95 to 100 lbs. $16.85 The...
Alfalfa Cubes/Pellets for Sale: Sundance Premium Alfalfa Cubes - Texas  SOLD
#1 Colorado alfalfa cubes are sun cured with no additives or coloring. Cubed with steam only and is a...
Coastal Hay for Sale: 108 Bales - Coastal 2-String Bales - Texas  SOLD
2-String Coastal bales available! Shortys 1312 W Florida Ave Midland, TX 79701 432.620.9990 Posted...
Coastal Hay for Sale: 0 Bales - Coastal Hay - Texas  SOLD
Wheat Hay for Sale: 400+ Bales - Wheat Hay - Texas  SOLD
5x5 wheat round bales Posted 06-25-16
Bermuda Hay for Sale: Tifton 85 Premium Fertilized and Sprayed - Texas  SOLD
2016 Tifton 85 Fertilized and Sprayed for Weeds. Extremely clean and tightly rolled. We have 4 X 5.5...
Prairie Hay for Sale: 75 Ton - Mixed Grass Hay located between Weatherford & Stephenville, Texas  SOLD
This is Colorado mixed grass hay we have been feeding to horses & cattle. We leased a place between Weatherford...

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