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Timothy Hay for Sale: Timothy with Native Grass
Timothy Mix. No pesticides used. CLEAN! Good for horses and cattle. Very good hay!
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 30 Bales - Alfalfa Hay 3x3x8 - Colorado
Orchard Hay for Sale: 300 - Barn Stored Colorado Horse Hay - Colorado
Barn stored 3x4s 2nd cut Orchard/Timothy $290 per ton on semi loads only More hay available as well Posted...
Oat Hay for Sale: Good clean Barley Straw- Colorado  SOLD
Barley Straw For Sale. 4x4x8 and 3x4x8 big square bales. Approximately 100 ton available. $125.00...
Orchard Hay for Sale: 4,000 Bales - Premium Equine Grass Hay - Small Bales - Colorado
Barn-stored premium equine quality orchard/brome mix. Pristine free of weeds and mold. ~60lbs per bale....
Timothy Hay for Sale: 260 Tons - Garrison/Timothy/Brome Grass Hay - Colorado   SOLD
SOLD High mountain meadow grass hay. Fertilized. Has not been rained on. Net wrapped; approximately...
Timothy Hay for Sale: 150 Bales - Premium Mountain Grass Hay - Colorado  SOLD
Premium mountain grass hay NEVER been rained on Not Fertilized Our hay is BARN STORED and DRY throughout...
Straw Hay for Sale: 335 Ton - Oat Straw and Barley Straw - Colorado  SOLD
High quality Oat Straw for sale. This is good long stemmed straw with some green to it. It is very suitable...
$125 per ton
Sudan Hay for Sale: ***Sorghum Sudan***  SOLD
3x4 Sorghum Sudan Bales. Nitrate Tested and safe to feed. Trucking available.
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 1500 Bales - Alfalfa/Orchard Grass Mix Hay - Colorado  SOLD
Supreme quality alfalfa/orchard grass hay. 55 lb bales that are bundled into 21 bale bundles. This is...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 2022 Alfalfa
3x3 squares of 2022 alfalfa. 1st, 2nd & 3rd cuttings available. $340/ton. We also have 3x3 squares of...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 2022 Alfalfa/Grass
3x3 squares of 2022 grass/alfalfa mix. 1st, 2nd & 3rd cutting available. $340/ton Also have straight...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 21 Bale Bundles Grass/Alfalfa Mix
Small square bundles of grass/alfalfa mix $12.50/bale ($262.50/large square). Also have large squares...
Straw Hay for Sale: 2022 Bundles of Certified Barley Straw
21 bale bundles of certified barley straw. $5.50/bale ($115.50/large bale). Also have 3x4 squares of...
Straw Hay for Sale: 2022 Certified 3x4 Squares Barley Straw
3x4 squares of certified barley straw $120/ton. Also have 21 bale bundles of certified barley straw,...
Timothy Hay for Sale: Prime Middle Park timothy/clover mix hay
1,200 ton of top quality timothy, clover, mountain mix hay for sale. Horse and Cow hay available. Call...
Triticale Hay for Sale: Oat Hay For Sale   SOLD
This oat hay was put up mature with mature oats in it. Good cow feed. Some green in it. 3 x 4 x...
$165 per ton
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 70 - 2021 Alfalfa 3x3x8 Bales - Colorado  SOLD
Third cutting alfalfa, lots of leaves, small stems. RFV 192 Protein 22.7% Excellent quality, clean Can...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 135 Bales - Alfalfa Third Cutting 3x3x8 Bales - Colorado  SOLD
Very green, leafy, no weeds, no rain. We have trucking companies who can give you quotes for hauling....
Brome Hay for Sale: 400-3x3x8 Brome Grass Hay Bales  SOLD
3x3x8 Brome Grass Hay Bales for sale. Excellent Cow Hay. Stored in covered hay barn. Approx 400 bales...
Timothy Hay for Sale: 62 Tons - Very Good Quality Grass Hay - Colorado  SOLD
large round bales avg weight 1200+ lbs 103 total bales = 62 tons. $200/ton or $120/bale. You pick up...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 370 - 3x3x8 Square - Supreme Alfalfa - Colorado  SOLD
3rd Cutting Alfalfa, excellent quality, no rain, fine stems, lots of leaves, stacked and tarped we can...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 590 Bales - 2nd Cutting Alfalfa Hay - Colorado  SOLD
2nd Cutting Alfalfa, no rain, no weeds. Tested 160 RFV ; 21.0 Protein Beautiful Colorado alfalfa; green,...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 230 Bales - 1st Cutting Alfalfa Hay - Colorado  SOLD
1st Cutting Alfalfa, no rain, no weeds, put up right, stacked and tarped. Green, very leafy, and clean Posted...

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