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Western Heritage Classic Ranch Horse Sale - May 11th, 2024 - Abilene, Texas

Roping Cattle: 20 - Potential & Ready To Rope Corriente Heifers - Texas SOLD
Roping Cattle: 40. - Corriente Roping Cattle - Montana SOLD
Mixed group of Corriente cattle that have been lightly roped. All of these cattle have great horn, are...
Roping Cattle: 7 - Fresh Corriente Steers ready to Rope - Colorado SOLD
We have seven fresh Corriente steers with horns past the tip of the ears and ready to rope. Also 1 heifer....
15 head of potentials, few are ready to rope now and others need about another month. All are solid black...
Roping Cattle: 34 - Corriente Roping Cattle, Open & Bred Heifers- Texas SOLD
We are dispersing out cattle herd. Lot #1 10 Head black Corriente 450-500#+/- steers $625 each Lot...
Roping Cattle: 33 - Corriente Roping Cattle - Montana SOLD
24 team ropers that are ready to go now, (15 steers and 9 heifers (number 1ís)) and 9 that will be ready...
Roping Cattle: 50 - Fresh Corriente Roping Steers - Texas SOLD
$700.00 EACH
Roping Cattle: 5 - Fresh Ropers for Sale - Oklahoma SOLD
5 head of steers, never been roped, ready to go! Medium frame, 375 lbs., 12 months old. For more information...
Roping Cattle: 120 - Corriente Steers and Heifers - Oklahoma SOLD
120 head that are all ready to rope. There are corrientes and longhorns. Some of these cattle have enough...
Roping Cattle: 6 - Fresh Roping Cattle - Oklahoma SOLD
These cattle are home raised. 3 heifers, 3 steers. Weigh 250-375 lbs. Posted 01-05-13
Roping Cattle: 12 - Corrientes - Ready to Rope SOLD
I have 6 hiefers & 6 Steers. 8 to 10 months old, wieghing 300 to 400 lbs., medium frame. Posted...
$450.00 per head
Roping Cattle: 67 - Fresh Corriente bulls/heifers - Texas SOLD
These are potentials about a month out from being broke in. All solids except for 3-5 paints. bulls and...
Roping Cattle: 20 - Roping Steers and heifiers SOLD
Ready to rope steers/heifiers and potential roping steers/hiefiers. Posted 12-10-12
$475.00 to $425.00
Roping Cattle: 16 - Fresh Corriente Roping Steers - Texas SOLD
Seven steers have great horn length, solid color and are ready to rope. Nine are prospects with some...
$600 for larger ready to rope and $500 for prospects
Roping Cattle: 16- Corriente Roping Steers - Texas SOLD
14 solid color corriente roping steers.and 2 corriente heifers. Mainly blacks in color. Ages range from...
Roping Cattle: 22- Potiential Roping Steers SOLD
Potiential Roping steers/heifiers. $400.00 a piece. Posted 10-22-12
$400.00 a piece
Roping Cattle: 9 - Roping Steers and Heifiers SOLD
ready to rope roping steers/heifiers. Posted 10-22-12
$450.00 a piece
Roping Cattle: 12 - Roping Steers and Heifiers SOLD
Roping steers and heifiers for sale not quite ready to rope yet. Posted 09-08-12
$450.00 a piece
Roping Cattle: 7 - Roping Calves SOLD
Ready to rope 7 head longhorns Posted 08-09-12
Roping Cattle: 10 - Corriente and Longhorn Heifers SOLD
10 corriente longhorn heifers range in size from 500 to 800lbs, gentle have roped a little all that fit...
$475.00 each
Roping Cattle: 12 - Roping Cattle - Oklahoma SOLD
12 head roping cattle. Some fresh some just broke in. Some slower roping cattle also. 30 Head to...
$500 per head
Roping Cattle: 20 - Roping Steers/Heifiers SOLD
future roping steers/heifiers for sale. $450.00 a piece. Posted 07-24-12
$450.00 a piece
Roping Cattle: 45 - Team Roping Cattle SOLD
Fresh & Trained team roping calves ready to go. 300 to 500 pounds.can deliver. Posted 07-...
$450.00 & up
Roping Cattle: 12 - Corriente Heifers - Texas SOLD
Ready to Rope. Calved in Fall of 2010 and Spring 2011. Posted 06-29-12
$6,600 for all 12
Roping Cattle: 31 - Fresh 2yr old Corriente Roping Steers - Texas SOLD
19 spaded heifers, 12 steers. Horns to the ear and beyond on all. Posted 06-26-12
Roping Cattle: 14 - Corriente Roping Heifers - Texas SOLD
Fresh Roping Cattle. These heifers have been recently weaned. They are healthy and ready to rope. Posted...
$575.00 ea.
Roping Cattle: 25 - Good Prospect Roping Corriente Cattle - Texas SOLD
25 head of fresh roping cattle for sale. 6 to 8 months old. 200 to 250 lbs. Posted 06-05-12...
Roping Cattle: 10 - Fresh Roping Steers - Texas SOLD
10 steers that have never been roped. They are between 12 months and 16 months old. They have been weaned...
Roping Cattle: 7 - Corriente/Longhorn Roping Heifers - Texas SOLD
7 fresh ropers for sale. Out of Longhorn cows bred to a corriente bull Take one or all. Good horn,weigh...
Roping Cattle: 70 - Corriente Heifers and Steers for Sale - Wallowa, Oregon SOLD
70 head Corriente roping steers and heifers. Solid color, horn out to the end of the ear ready to rope....
Roping Cattle: 10 - Long Horn Heifiers SOLD
long horn heifiers in good shape and ready to start roping. $400.00 a piece Posted 05-28-12...
$400.00 a piece
Roping Cattle: 12 - Fresh Roping Steers - Texas SOLD
Twelve Head of Fresh Roping Steers for sale. They weigh between 350-400 lbs and are a year old. Posted...
Roping Cattle: 275 - Head Fresh Ropers - Oklahoma SOLD
275 Head of fresh corriente and longhorn mixed steers and heifers. These cattle are ready to rope and...
Roping Cattle: 20 - Corriente Roping Cattle For Sale SOLD
Registered and grade Corriente heifers and steers, raised in rough country. Blacks and reds. Vaccinated...
Roping Cattle: 10 - Long Horn x Corriente Roping Steers SOLD
Long horn x Corriente roping steers that have never been roped. Average wieght 325lbs. Price:$450.00...
$450.00 a head

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