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Schaff Angus Valley

Cows for Sale: 40 - Angus Cows, 6-8 months bred - New Mexico
40 head of Bred Black Angus Cows. Cows are 6-8 months bred. The majority of the cows will be 3-5 years...
$1,500.00   Video
Cows for Sale: 26 - 2nd Calf Fall Cows - Nebraska SOLD
2nd calf fall cows. Bred to Black Angus bulls to start September 1st for 60 days. Have been on good mineral...
Cows for Sale: 40 - Black Angus Fall Calving Cows - Nebraska SOLD
40 Black Angus coming 4, 5 and 6 year old fall calving cows bred to SimAngus bulls to calve August 20...
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Cows for Sale: 50 - Heifer Pairs - Wyoming
100 % black cows and calves. Originated from Montana as calves, ran in high elevation in the Big Horn...
Cows for Sale: 35 - Three - Six Year Old Bred Cows - Texas
35 hd Bred to pairs 3/6 yr olds Heavy bred Calving daily 6 calves on the ground 3/23/17 $1550...
Cows for Sale: 41 - Bred Northern Cows - Texas
41 hd Bred northern cows 18 hd 3/4 yr old Cows The balance of the cows are 5/6 yr olds Nice gentle...
Cows for Sale: 200 - Angus and Angus Cross Cows
we have several really nice bred cows available for purchase off are ranch they age from 4 to 7 years...
$1,650 each
Cows for Sale: 300 - Three to Four Year Old Black Angus Cows-Bred to Hereford bulls - Nebraska
300 hd of 3-4 yr old Black Angus Cows- Bred to Hereford Bulls to calve Sept 1 for 60 days. Cows are coming...
Cows for Sale: 10 - Black Angus 3 Year Old Bred Cows - Wyoming SOLD
10 Black Angus 3yr.olds and 4-heifers,bred blk,calf March/April,nice gentle disposition,medium framed. Posted...
Cows for Sale: 25 - Angus Bred Cows - Texas
A nice herd of Angus cows that are 3-5 years old. I just had them palpated and they are guaranteed bred....
Cows for Sale: 3 - Three Year Old Bred Cows - Colorado SOLD
We have 3 bred three year old cows for sale. Cow were summered at 10000 ft. Are very gentle and cake...
Cows for Sale: 16 - Five to Six Year Old Angus Bred Cows - Wyoming SOLD
16 hd fancy Angus bred cows,1335#,start calving March,bred blk,nice disposition. Also have 140 hd...
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Cows for Sale: 125 - Broken Mouth Bred Cows - Nebraska
Black Angus / Red Angus Broken Mouth Cows. Due to calve March 1 for 90 days Posted 02-21-17
Cows for Sale: 42 - Heavy Bred 4-7 yr old Northern Angus Cows - Texas SOLD
42 head of heavy bred 4-7 year old northern angus cows. Cows will weigh 1250 lbs just a nice set of fleshy...
Cows for Sale: 100 - Black Angus Short Term Cows - Montana SOLD
100 head, 1500+ pound, one-iron, Black Angus short term cows for sale. Bred to reputation J.C. Heiken...
$1,100.00   Video
Cows for Sale: 3 - Heavy Bred Cows - New Mexico
These are beautiful heavy bred cows. Healthy, not wild, ready to sell. Asking $1,350 on the blacks &...
Cows for Sale: 21 - Bred Northern Cows - Texas
21 hd Bred cows Cows are out of Nebraska Cows are 4/6 yr olds With 4 hd of 7 yr olds Cows are...
Cows for Sale: 220 - 3 Year Old Cows - Wyoming
220 Fancy Blk Angus Cows, Complete Dispersal, 1025-1200#; mostly 1075-1160#, 3 yr olds to SM, Bred to...
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Cows for Sale: 10 - Bred Angus Cows - Texas
10 fancy 1250# cows. 4-6yr old and bred 4-6 months. Calf in April-May. Very gentle and easy on the eye....
Cows for Sale: 51 - Prime 3 Year Old Cows - Montana
Mostly Black Outstanding Fleshing Ability Healthy One Iron Poured January 5th $1,700 CHOICE $1,600...
Cows for Sale: 16 - Registered Angus Cows - Idaho
Selling Registered Bred Cows. Breeding includes: Sav Ten Speed, Sav Angus Valley, Sav Final Answer,...
$2,500 -$3500
Cows for Sale: 29 - Open Recip Cows - Texas SOLD
29 hd Ultrasounded open cows All open with good tracts 2/5 yrs old Nice set Posted 01-23-17
Cows for Sale: 140- Bred Cow Package - Wyoming SOLD
Package deal,140 Angus /Angus cross cows,we provide winter feed,calving and summer grass,you provide...
Cows for Sale: 126 - Black, Red & BWF 4-5 Yr Old Bred Cows - Montana SOLD
126 Black Angus, Red Angus and a few black-white-face cows bred to calve March 20 - May 5, 2017. There...
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Cows for Sale: 12 - Bred Angus Cows - Texas SOLD
12 hd nice gentle cows Cows are all 6 yr olds And are 4/7 months bred Posted 01-10-17
Cows for Sale: 130 - May-June Calving Cows - Utah SOLD
130 head mostly 2 and 3 year olds the remainder are solid mouth cows no broken mouth cows 85% black with...
Cows for Sale: 350 - Fall Bred Cows - Utah SOLD
350 head of fall bred cows due to calve august and September bred to black angus bulls with 50% being...
Cows for Sale: 17 - Bred 3 year old Angus Cows - Idaho
16 black angus and 1 red angus coming 3 year old cows. Will start calving August 1st and will finish...
Cows for Sale: 7 - Angus Cross Bred Cows - Texas SOLD
7 Angus cross cows bred to a registered Angus bull. Bull was in Sep 19th thru Nov 18th. Confirmed...
$950.00 each
Cows for Sale: 90 - 3 year old Angus Cows - Colorado SOLD
90 head coming 3 year old cows. Will start calving 1st of March for 60 days. Shots are complete and...
$1,825.00   Video
Cows for Sale: 40 - Heavy Bred Black Angus Cows - New Mexico SOLD
40 Heavy Bred Black Angus Cows. These cows are current on their vaccinations and ready to calve within...
Cows for Sale: 78 - Black Angus Coming 5 Yr Old Bred Cows - Nebraska SOLD
78 Black Angus coming 5 year old cows bred to Green Mountain Angus Ranch bulls to calve March 25 - May...
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Cows for Sale: Looking for Bred Older Solid Mouth and Short-term Cows SOLD
Looking to purchase bred solid mouth and older cows in semi-load lots. Cows would be preferably Black...
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Cows for Sale: 500 - Short Term Black Angus Cows - Complete Age Dispersion - Nebraska
500 hd of Short Term Black/BWF Angus Cows- Complete Age Dispersion of one Sandhills ranch. Cows are bred...
Cows for Sale: 80 - Spring Bred Cows for sale SOLD
80 head of 3 to 7 year olds 1300 lb average weight dewormed vaccinated and preg checked gentle...
1400 each

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Schaff Angus Valley

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