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Ranchers Select Heifer Sale

Cows for Sale: 300 - 3-4 yr old Black Angus Cows - Nebraska
300 hd of 3-4 yr old Black Angus Cows- Nice set of Nebraska Sandhills Black Angus Cows that are bred...
Cows for Sale: 120 - Red Angus 3-4 yr old Cows - Nebraska
120 hd of 3-4 yr old Red Angus Cows bred to Red Angus Bulls to calve February 20th for 60 days. Gentle...
Cows for Sale: 21 - Bred Cows
If you are seriously looking to purchase a good set of young 3-4 year old mother cows. These are the...
Cows for Sale: 28 - Bred Black Angus Cows - New Mexico
Really nice set of Black Angus Cows. Safe in their pregnancy and are 4-6 months bred. Cows are young...
Cows for Sale: 45 - Angus 2nd Calf Heifers - Nebraska
Cows for Sale: 45 - Angus and Simangus Cows
45 cows 2nd and 3rd stages 3 to 7 years old 1300 lb average weight Dewormed and vaccinated Good...
Cows for Sale: 20 - Recip Cows - Texas SOLD
20 hd recip cows Cows have been gone through bye and embrologist All where ultrasounded All are...
Cows for Sale: 5 SOLD
Cows for Sale: 19 - Northern Cows - Texas SOLD
19 hd northern cows All are 7 months plus bred With 2 calves already on ground Cows are as listed 3...
Cows for Sale: 13 - Recip Cows - Texas SOLD
13 recip cows Cows have been ultrasounded All are sound breeders with good tracts Cows are 4 hd...
Cows for Sale: 5 - Short Bred Cows - Texas SOLD
5 hd short bred cows Cows have been ultrasounded 3 hd 4 yr olds 2 hd 6 yr olds Posted 08...
Cows for Sale: 19 - Heavy Bred Cows - Texas SOLD
19 hd northern cows Cows are 7 plus months bred There are 5 red cows the rest are black 1 hd 3...
Cows for Sale: 39 - Heavy Bred Young Black cows - Texas
39 head of big black beautiful heavy bred cows and pairs. They are a smooth set of young cows. 2 pair...
Cows for Sale: 24 hd northern cows SOLD
24 hd northern cows Cows are heavy bred with 2 pairs Cows are as listed 1 hd 7 yr old 14 hd 6 yr...
Cows for Sale: 9 - Three Year Old Bred Fancy Black Fall Calvers - New Mexico
These young bred cows have over 16 years of Manzano Angus Genetics! Want proof? Look at their first calves...
Cows for Sale: 46 - Fall Bred Cows - Nebraska
46 three to five year old cows. Half back and half red angus, bred to black and red angus Bulls. Calve...
Cows for Sale: 45 - Spring Bred Cows - Nebraska
45 four and five year old black angus bred cowd. Calve January 20 for 60 days. Posted 07-20-16
Cows for Sale: 45 - Three and Four Year Old Bred Cows - Wyoming
20 Head of 3 and 4 year old cows (majority 3 year olds) currently being exposed and have been since 15th...
Call for pricing
Cows for Sale: 250 - Good Solid Fall Bred Cows
250 cows dewormed vaccinated and preg checked 3 to 6 years old 1300 lb average weight Good dispositions...
Cows for Sale: 21 - Open Recip Cows - Texas SOLD
Nice set of recip cows Cows are 2/6 yr olds Have been gone through bye and embrologist and all have...
Cows for Sale: 7 - Short Bred Cows - Texas SOLD
7 HD short bred cows Cows where bought with a group of 80 for recip cows these where ultrasounded bred Cows...
Cows for Sale: 60 - Northern Angus Cows - Texas SOLD
Nice set of recip cows Cows have all been tested and sonogramed All have good tracts Cows are as...
Cows for Sale: 16 - Bred Northern Angus - Texas SOLD
16 hd Bred cows Cows are 6 months plus bred Cows weigh 1250 plus Cows are as listed 2 hd 2 yr olds 2...
Cows for Sale: 20 - Northern Cows - Texas SOLD
20 hd nice big northern cows Cows weigh 1200 plus Big nice set of gentle cows 12 hd are 4/8 yr olds...
Cows for Sale: 44 - Northern Open Cows - Texas SOLD
44 hd nice northern cows All black Cattle have been sonogramed And have good tracts and are ready...
Cows for Sale: 60 - Fall Calving Cows for sale - Nebraska SOLD
A very nice set of fall calving cows. 50 of the 60 would be 3,4,and 5’s. Bred to angus bulls. Calving...
Cows for Sale: 80 - Black Angus Fall Calvers - Oklahoma
These are some black beauties! Nice growthy cows raising big stout calves. Hearty cows that will...
Cows for Sale: 24 Angus Bred Cows - New Mexico SOLD
Young Angus Bred Cows Cows are 3-5 years old and have recently been vaccinated and de-wormed. Please...
Cows for Sale: 80 - Angus Cross - Oklahoma
Nice group of young replacement cows- all current on vaccines. These cattle would be a good investment...
Cows for Sale: 9 - Black Angus Cows - Utah
I have two Angus cows for sale solid mouth middle-aged healthy doing good been with Bulls for two weeks,...
Cows for Sale: 31 - Shortbred Angus Cows - Texas
Nice set of young northern origin angus cows, bred to Northern Angus bulls Cows preg’d by blood test...
Cows for Sale: 24 - Northern Cows - Texas SOLD
24 nice northern cows Cows all came off of one place Bred to red and black angus Gentle! Cows are 14...
Cows for Sale: 18 - Northern Cows - Texas SOLD
Nice set of gentle cows Cows all off of 1 place Cows bred to red and black angus Cows will calve...
Cows for Sale: 45 - Angus Cross Cows - Oklahoma
Good young productive cows, calving daily- will fit anyones program UTD on vaccinations ready to turn...
$1,800/$2,000 pair
Cows for Sale: 15 - Black Angus Heifers - Texas
15 really nice gentle Black Angus. 2 year olds. Even sized around 1300 #. Can move them anywhere,...

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Ranchers Select Heifer Sale

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