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Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 200 Ton - Korean Lespedeza - Kansas
Good early baled Korean Lespedeza. Will make a great substitute for grinding alfalfa, or excellent cow...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 100 Bales - PASTURE PERFECT BLEND HORSE HAY, 20% ALFALFA
Nice heavy square bales, specially blended for horses, high quality. Posted 07-28-16
$4.50 bale
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 200 Bales - Nebraska Alfalfa Hay - Oklahoma
Good quality 2015 3rd and 4th cutting alfalfa out of Nebraska. No worries about beetles. Barn stored,...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: New Crop Alfalfa Mix Hay - Wyoming
New crop alfalfa,large rounds,net wrap,1580# avg,nice hay,lots leaves. Call 307-680-4595 Posted...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: AZ Grown 3 String PREMIUM #1 ALFALFA - Arizona
If you are looking for quality, give us a call. We know what Texas horse owners want. Fine stemmed,...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 2000 Bales - Alfalfa Hay For Sale - Colorado
We have large, square bales of quality alfalfa hay for sale. Each bale is 4x4 and has been covered....
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 800 Bales - Alfalfa Grass Mix for sale
Good Quality First cutting Alfalfa Brome Grass Mix. 60/40 mix 40 being Alfalfa Posted 07-04-16...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: Arizona 3-String Alfalfa
Arizona #1 Alfalfa 3-String Bales for sale at Shorty’s Rental and Feed! 95 to 100 lbs. $16.85 The...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 5000 Bales - Horse Quality Bundled Small Squares - Oklahoma
I have multiple cuttings of small squares of alfalfa in 21 bale bundles. I have about 500 bales left...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 50 Tons - Clean Alfalfa Hay - Arizona
Clean alfalfa hay for sale. $ 10/bale or discount for quantity. 50 tons per month will be available...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 118 tons - 2015 1st Cutting Alfalfa 3x4x8 Squares - Lapoint, UT
3x4x8 Twine tied square bales weighing approximately 1275 pounds each. Total of 118 tons available with...
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Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 103.2 tons - 2015 2nd Cutting Alfalfa 3x4x8 Squares - Elm Springs, South Dakota SOLD
3x4x8 Twine tied square bales weighing approximately 1200 pounds each. Total of 103.2 tons available...
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Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 26 tons - 2015 2nd Cutting Alfalfa 5x5 Rounds - New Underwood, South Dakota SOLD
5x5 Twine tied round bales weighing approximately 1450 pounds each. Total of 26 tons available with 36-40...
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Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 21.6 tons - 2015 3rd Cutting Alfalfa 3x3x8 Squares - Ivanhoe, Minnesota SOLD
3x3x8 square bales weighing approximately 800 pounds each. Total of 21.6 tons available with 54-60 bales...
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Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 1000 Tons - Premim Grade Alfalfa Hay - Texas
We have high quality hay available. We have more than 6000 ton of premium hay available. We have first...
$240 per ton
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 85 Round Bales - High Moisture Alfalfa
85 4x6 round bales of high moisture alfalfa, net and plastic wrapped, 55 from first cutting $75/bale,...
$75 & $85/bale
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 1500 Bales - Lazy T Diamond Ranch Alfalfa Hay - North Dakota
Alfalfa Hay in Mid-sized square bales 3x3x8ft stacked 6 high and tarped the day it was made. All hay...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 196 - Small Squares of Alfalfa - Texas
196 small squares of alfalfa horse hay Nice hay came out of the El paso,tx valley will be blister...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 700 tons - 2nd cutting 3x4 bales Straight Alfalfa - Montana
Good green 2nd cutting alfalfa, little to no rain, rfv of 118-125 17-19% protein will load, you haul....
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 149 Bales - 3rd Cutting Alfalfa - Wyoming SOLD
149 bales of premium 3rd cutting Alfalfa,4x4x8 bales,no rain,lots leaves,tested at Dairyland lab with...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 200 Tons - 3X3X8 Excellent Alfalfa Hay - Utah
Very good hay. Put up right and in the barn. No Rain. South Eastern Utah (Huntington area) Credit Cards...
$75.00 Bale
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 600 Tons - Alfalfa Hay - New Mexico
We have high quality to rained on hay and everything in between. Price depending on quality and is negotiable....
$150 - $120/ton
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 720 Bales - Alfalfa Hay - Idaho
No rain hay. 2nd 3rd 4th cut good clean hay. Have tests 150-166 rfv. 5th cutting will be available in...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 100 + Tons - Alfalfa Hay - Colorado SOLD
3x4x8 bales avg. 1075# alfalfa $150/ton, discount for multiple loads , barn stored or tarped , delivery...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 3000 Ton - Alfalfa 3x4 Bales - Wyoming
For sale 3000+ ton of alfalfa. Everything from slightly rained on hay to quality dry cow hay. Even...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 84 Bales - Alfalfa 2 String Square bales - Texas SOLD
I have 84 bales of top quality Alfalfa hay from west Texas. This hay will weigh 85-90 lbs. I will be...
$15/bale, no minimum
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 310 Bales - 3x4 and 4x4 1st and 2nd cut Alfalfa - Wyoming SOLD
150 3x4 bales of 1st cutting good quality alfalfa. 160 4x4 bales of 2nd cutting good quality alfalfa....
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 50 Tons - 4 X 4 Alfalfa Bales - Colorado SOLD
1600 lb. 4 X 4 Alfalfa bales, can deliver or will load. $170.00/ton, excellent quality, not rained on....
$170.00 per ton
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 325 Ton - Grass/Alfalfa Mix Hay for Sale - Wyoming SOLD
Good grass/alfalfa mix hay for sale. 325 ton of large round bales. Located in Sheridan, Wyoming. Call...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 200 Tons - Alfalfa 4x4x8 Squares SOLD
4x4x8 Squares for sale 1st cutting: No rain, stored inside, RFV 105, $130/T 2nd cutting: No rain,...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 80 Tons - Baled Grass Oat Hay - Utah SOLD
Alfalfa with grass hay and oat hay. Very clean and baled to order 2nd and 3rd crop as well as older good...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 150 Tons - Alfalfa Hay for Sale - Nevada SOLD
3’x3’x8’ square bales, 2nd and 3rd crop. $220 per ton. High quality feeder hay not rained on. Updated...
$220 per ton
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 300 Tons - Horse Quality Grass/Alfalfa Mix Hay for Sale - Wyoming SOLD
Shedded, 1st and 2nd cutting horse quality grass alfalfa mix hay. 3x3 Bales weigh approximately 850lbs. Posted...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 80+ Tons - Grass/Alfalfa Round Bales - Ridge Iron Ranch - Montana SOLD
2013 Grass/alfalfa round bales for sale weigh about 1250 Posted 10-17-13
$100.00 a ton
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 150 TON - ALFALFA/GRASS - MONTANA SOLD

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