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Alfalfa Hay for Sale: Alfalfa large round
Large round alfalfa bales for sale $210/ton
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: Premium Alfalfa 3x4x8 Big Bales - Texas
Premium Alfalfa 3x4x8 - big bales Average weight 1,390 lbs Located in Graford, TX Delivery...
Pure alfalfa in 3x4x8 squares barn stored free of weeds and bugs. Prices start at $200 per ton before...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 120 - Premium Alfalfa Hay - Colorado
3x3x8 2nd and Third Cutting premium Alfalfa for sale. Put up dry, tarped, excellent food value. No weeds....
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: Grass Hay Colorado
Grass hay nice Small Bales $10.00 a bale Excellent horse hay. Please call 719-964-1173 Posted...
$10.00 a bale
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 70 - 2021 Alfalfa 3x3x8 Bales - Colorado SOLD
Third cutting alfalfa, lots of leaves, small stems. RFV 192 Protein 22.7% Excellent quality, clean Can...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 1,000 Bales - 3x3 Alfalfa - Colorado
3x3x8 bales of 2021 1st cutting alfalfa. Posted 03-06-22
Contact for Price
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 150 Bales - Alfalfa/Timothy Hay
Tasted and low sugar 2x4x6 alfalfa/orchard grass mic first and 2nd cutting Baled at night and got...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 300 - Alfalfa Small Squares - Colorado
60+ lb bales of 3rd cutting alfalfa. Barn stored. You can hand pick the nicest bales if you pick up,...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 500 - Alfalfa Hay - Wyoming
First cutting alfalfa hay. 4X4 bales. Located in Riverton, Wyoming. Test available. 307-709-2375 Posted...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 135 Bales - Alfalfa Third Cutting 3x3x8 Bales - Colorado SOLD
Very green, leafy, no weeds, no rain. We have trucking companies who can give you quotes for hauling....
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 400 Bales - Grass Alfalfa 3x3x8 - Wyoming
Brome Grass Alfalfa Mix Hay 80/20 Ratio. Average weight of bales are 840 LBS. Selling hay by the bale....
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 1,000 Bales - Non-gmo Alfalfa Hay - Nebraska
Home raised (non-broker) alfalfa hay. 3x4x8 large square bales. 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th cuttings available....
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 18,000 - Certified Organic Alfalfa Hay - San Luis Valley - New Mexico
Top quality organic bale bundles, 21 bales per bundle, stored in fully enclosed barn. Baled at 13-15%...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 588 Bales - Alfalfa Hay - New Mexico
New Mexico Alfalfa Hay. Sold by the bundle (14 square bales per bundle) $220/Bundle Posted 1...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 500 Bales - Premium #1 Quality Alfalfa - Oklahoma
cow hay, straight alfalfa, alfalfA mix and beardless wheat! Posted 4/28/22
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 3,000 Tons - Alfalfa Mix Hay - Montana SOLD
4x4 big bales Grass Alfalfa mix Tests available on request $300 a ton Posted 11-07-21
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 2,000 Bales - Alfalfa Orchard Grass Mix Hay - Iowa
Certified Organic Alfalfa Orchard Grass mix. 3x3 big square bales. 2000 bales. Some dry hay stored...
$120.00 a ton
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: Alfalfa Hay
West Texas horse quality alfalfa hay. Small two string bales $18.50 per bale in bundles of 21 bales. Large...
$18.50 sm/ $200.00 lg
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 2,000 Tons - Alfalfa Hay Square or Round Bales - Kansas
Round and Square alfalfa bales for sale. We have various quantity and quality. Squares have been...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 370 - 3x3x8 Square - Supreme Alfalfa - Colorado SOLD
3rd Cutting Alfalfa, excellent quality, no rain, fine stems, lots of leaves, stacked and tarped we can...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: Baled Rations
Selling two types of premium quality baled rations. Bales weigh 1750-1850 lbs. STARTER RATION:...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 590 Bales - 2nd Cutting Alfalfa Hay - Colorado SOLD
2nd Cutting Alfalfa, no rain, no weeds. Tested 160 RFV ; 21.0 Protein Beautiful Colorado alfalfa; green,...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 230 Bales - 1st Cutting Alfalfa Hay - Colorado SOLD
1st Cutting Alfalfa, no rain, no weeds, put up right, stacked and tarped. Green, very leafy, and clean Posted...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 1,156 Bales - 1st Cutting Alfalfa - Nevada SOLD
We have 17 blocks (68 bales ea) first cutting alfalfa hay. First year of production. Small stems. Posted...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 232 Bales - Alfalfa Hay - Texas SOLD
West Texas horse quality alfalfa hay. Small two string bales $13.00 per bale in bundles of 21 bales. 3x3x8...
$13.00 or $160.00
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 256 Bales - 1st Cutting Alfalfa Hay for sale - Wyoming SOLD
This years 1st cutting 90/10 alfalfa/grass hay mix. Bales are 3x3 and have been stored in hay shed. Was...
$110.00 bale
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 180 - 3x3x8 Square of Supreme Alfalfa Hay - Colorado SOLD
Excellent quality 3x3x8 alfalfa, no weeds, no rain, tested protein 23.4 and RFV 249 4th cutting, tarped approximately...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 500 ton - Alfalfa Round Bales- Montana SOLD
High quality, irrigated alfalfa Also 200 bales of grass/alfalfa mix Posted 12-07-20
$110 1st cutting, $120 2nd
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 700 Ton - Alfalfa Hay - Montana SOLD
600 ton straight alfalfa hay - net wrapped - 1st cutting 100 ton dairy hay - 3x4 squares - 3rd cutting...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 2,000 tons - Alfalfa 3x4ís - Kansas SOLD
Alfalfa Hay 3x4x8. 150-230 RFV. Premium 1st, 3rd, 4th cuttings. Baled Excellent Call 402-440-1063 or...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 9 Semi Loads - 3rd Cutting Alfalfa/Grass Mix 3x3x8 - Wyoming SOLD
3rd cutting nice horse hay Posted 10-06-20
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 1,150 Tons - 3x4 Irrigated Straight Alfalfa - Montana SOLD
700 ton/1150 bales of 1st cutting straight alfalfa. Dairyland test available. 150RFQ and 18% protein. Stored...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 200 - Ton Alfalfa Round Bales - Montana SOLD
We have 200+ Ton of straight alfalfa round bales. We have net wrap and twine bales. We stack twine on...
Alfalfa Hay for Sale: 290 - Certified Organic Round Bales - Montana SOLD
200tons Certified Organic first cutting Alfalfa(60%)/Grass(40%) rounds. 1400-1450lbs. No rain, Baled...

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