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Irish Black Cattle Association

Cows for Sale: 25 - Bred Cows - Oklahoma
25 2nd and 3rd period bred cows mainly all black $1425 take all $1475 take choice. All are 3 to 5 years...
Cows for Sale: 40 - Bred Cows for Sale
29 Black Cows and 11 Char X Cows for Sale 4-7 years old and 4-8 months bred. Approximately 1100 lbs. Posted...
Cows for Sale: 21 - Pairs & Bred Cattle - Texas
21 head of black crossbred cattle with 2 Charolais. All are 6 years and younger. Will be finished calving...
$2000/head for all or $2300/choice
Cows for Sale: 14 - Short Bred Exposed Cows - Texas
14 nice young cows Short bred/exposed To the bull pictured 12 black 2 red motts All cows are...
Cows for Sale: 27 - Cross Bred Cows - Texas SOLD
27 cows All cows are 8 and younger with the exception of one broke mouth cow 11 calves on the ground...
Cows for Sale: 9 - Nice Ranch Cows - Texas SOLD
9 nice gentle cows 4/7 yr Olds 5/8 months bred Northern orgin Cows weigh 950 Posted 03-22-16
Cows for Sale: 12 - Nice Cross Bred Cows - Texas SOLD
8 hd 6 months plus bred 4hd are 4 yr Olds 3hd are 6 yr Olds 1. 7 yr old 4 hd are 5 months...
Cows for Sale: 40+ Bred Cows - SE Oklahoma
40+ CROSSBRED COWS Medium to large frame, all in good flesh. Cows will age from 6-9 yr. old. ...
$1,550 per hd
Cows for Sale: 44 - Heavy Bred Crossbred Cows - New Mexico SOLD
We have 44 crossbred heavy bred cows for sale. Cows are located on corn fields around Sedan, NM. Cattle...
Cows for Sale: Balancer Cows For Sale - Colorado SOLD
3 black, 1 red Gelbvieh/Angus cross cows to calve May/June. Cows ultrasound bred in January. Good and...
$2000 each
Cows for Sale: 25 - Corriente/LongHorn Bred Cows for sale - Montana
25 Head Corriente/Long Horn Cross Bread Cows for sale 5 + years old Calve 03/15/2016 Corriente/Watisu...
Contact for price
Cows for Sale: 8 - Crossbred Cows - Texas SOLD
1) 8 months 5 year old 2) 8+ months 4 year old 3) 6 months 6 year old 4) 5 months 4 year old 5) 5...
Cows for Sale: 160 - Angus Plus Cows - Missouri SOLD
there will be 160 of these cows all dewormed and vaccinated and preg checked 4to 7 years in...
Cows for Sale: 95 - Cross Bred Black and Red Angus Cows - Nebraska
Cross Bred Black and Red Angus cows. Calve Feb 20th for 70 days Posted 12-06-15
Cows for Sale: 200 - Crossbred Cows
For sale 200 head of bred crossbred cows for sale. Spring and fall calvers ages ranging from 3-7 years...
Cows for Sale: 3 Loads - Bred Crossbred Cows - New Mexico SOLD
3 big loads of bred crossbred cows. All one brand, ranched raised in New Mexico, 10 and 11 year old...
$1,300.00 head
Cows for Sale: 13 - Black Angus/cross Cows - Oklahoma
- 11 black cows - 2 black white face - 5-6 years old -80-140 days bred to low birth weight angus bulls...
Cows for Sale: 55 - Spring Bred Cows - Oklahoma SOLD
Several cross bred cows. In good body condition. Due to calf in spring. Vaccinated and deformed For...
Cows for Sale: 25 - 2nd and 3rd BRED COWS AND PAIRS SOLD
20 Black and Black Baldy 4 Charolais 1 Red 3 calves on the ground weighing 150-250lbs 25 Cows are...
Cows for Sale: 26 - Crossbred 3-5 yr old cows w/calves or heavy bred + 2 bulls - New Mexico
Cows are 75% English (Angus or Hereford) 25% Corriente. All are 3-5 years old. 10 Cow/Calf pairs. Calves...
Cows for Sale: Bred Crossbred Cows - New Mexico SOLD
Nice set of crossbred cows bred to beef bulls. I have several pictures that I can send to you if you...
Cows for Sale: 90 - Three Year Old Cows 2 months bred/exposed - Texas
Nice set of young 3 year old cows coming with there 2nd calf. All age branded running with Hereford and...
Cows for Sale: 75 - Fall Calving Black Cows - Texas SOLD
Great set of black fall calving cows! Most with some ear and leather on them. These cows can handle whatever...
$2,850.00   Video
Cows for Sale: 75 - Spring Calving Cows - Texas SOLD
Quality set of black, spring calving cows! Big bones and great fleshing! Most have some ear and leather...
$2,550.00   Video
Cows for Sale: 110 - Heavy Bred Cows - Texas SOLD
Quality group of crossbred cows for sale. Heavily bred to black and Charolais bulls! Calving from now...
Contact for Price   Video
Cows for Sale: 50 - Bred Cows
50 Crossbred Cows, will start calving in Sept. 2015, 5-8 years old, preg checked by licensed veterinarian,...
Cows for Sale: 16 - Corriente/Longhorn Cross Cows - Texas SOLD
16 Corriente/Longhorn cross cows solid mouth 3-8 yrs. Brd. to Angus bull three pair and 13 Brd. 3-7...
Cows for Sale: 200 - Simangus Cows SOLD
45 cows pictured with over 200 to sell 3 to 7years old 2nd and 3rd stages bred 1250 lb average ...
Cows for Sale: 50 - Crossbred Cows - Oklahoma SOLD
Good Set of Crossbred Cows. 20+ Calves on ground. Contact: Shane Lynch Phone: 580.272.6535 Or...
$2,450 Bred $2,850.00 Pairs
Cows for Sale: 60 - Bred Cows and Pairs - Texas SOLD
60+ crossbred cows for sale, have 12 twelve calves on the ground so far. They ard all tagged for age....
Cows for Sale: 20 - Crossbred cows w 4+ calves - Texas SOLD
I have 20 Crossbred cows for sale. Cows will range in age from 3-6 years old, and will all be over 5...
Cows for Sale: 90 - Black Angus Cross Cows - South Dakota SOLD
Nice set of young to middle aged cows, from two to six years old. Bred to black Angus bulls. Calve August...
Cows for Sale: 60 - Four year old Black Crossbred Cows - Nebraska SOLD
Black Angus cows, everyone of them a four year old. Calve March 16th for 70 days. Posted 02...
Cows for Sale: 16 - Crossbred Cows SOLD
16Hd Crossbred Cows. 3-6 yrs old. Recipient potential. Very Gentle. Guaranteed open and sound by DVM....
Cows for Sale: 25 - AngusX Using Age Bred Cows - Montana SOLD
Cows for Sale - PRICE REDUCED 25 Using age bred cows. They range in age from 3-12 years old. The majority...

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