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Cows for Sale: 15 - Longhorn Cows - Wyoming SOLD
I had 8 calves on the ground the end of Oct/November, then went to winter pasture, 5 more were supposed...
Cows for Sale: 17 - Longhorn Cows - Texas SOLD
Nice set of cows exposed to black corriente bull.. Posted 04-30-19
Cows for Sale: 3 - Longhorn Cows - Arizona SOLD
Cows from registered Texas Longhorns. Can deliver. LONGHORN COWS ARE REGISTERED WITH ITLA.CAN BE TRANSFERED...
Cows for Sale: 4 - Longhorn Cows, Heifer and Bull Calf - Texas SOLD
3 unregistered longhorns and one crossbred cow for sale. Black crossbred cow ($350) is 4 years old, mostly...
Cows for Sale: 1 - Registered Texas Longhorn Cow for Sale - 2LB Phoebe - Texas SOLD
Meet 2LB Phoebe. TLBAA #CI286437 Registered Texas longhorn cow for sale. Sire: Terossa Damn Lembo AKA...
Cows for Sale: 20 - Longhorn/Corriente Cross Bred to Angus - Oklahoma SOLD
Have 11 Longhorn/Corriente Cross Cows bred to Angus bulls Preg Checked Feb 2 to be 1-2 months along...
Cows for Sale: 5 - Watusi Cows - New Mexico SOLD
5 Watusi Cows $500.00 Each 505-425-9651 Posted 03-04-18
Cows for Sale: 200 - Stock Cows bred to Charolais Bulls - Colorado SOLD
200+ lomghorn cross cows bred to registered Charolais Bulls. Cows are running age. Approx half spring...
Cows for Sale: Reduce price! 10 - Bred Longhorns - Colorado SOLD
Guaranteed Bred longhorns and longhorn/corriente Cross great young herd start calving feb 1st. There...
$600.00 obo
Cows for Sale: 10 - Long Horn Cows - Wyoming SOLD
Long Horn Cows for sale, exposed to Black Angus Bulls. Due to start calving the end of March. Will be...
Cows for Sale: 26 - Longhorn Cows 5 calves SOLD
26 Longhorn cows with 5 calves. $15600. Cows running with perf. tested simangus bull since Dec. 1st...
Cows for Sale: 8 - Longhorn & Longhorn Cross Cows (5 Longhorn 3 longhorn cross) - Nebraska SOLD
5 longhorn cows bred to beef bull also have 3 longhorn corriente cross bred to longhorn bull. 7 years...
Cows for Sale: 80- Longhorn, Longhorn Corriente Cross Cows - Oklahoma SOLD
80 head of longhorn, corriente, longhorn corrient cross cows for sale. Been exposed 90+ days to red and...
Cows for Sale: 300 - Longhorn Cross Cows - Oklahoma SOLD
Really nice set of longhorn cross cows. Horns tipped, wormed, and in perfect flesh. Cows stay fat on...
Cows for Sale: 1 - Registered Longhorn Cow - Texas SOLD
Registered Longhorn Cow for sale . Beautiful horns & coloring, she is a sweet girl , you can hand feed...
Cows for Sale: 2 - Longhorn Cows 1 Cross - New Mexico SOLD
Longhorn Cows for Sale. Both are beautiful Golden Brown. Heavy set and healthy. Spent over a month with...
Cows for Sale: 20 - Registered Longhorn Cows - Wyoming SOLD
4 of the cows are featured in these pictures. They were exposed to Rawhide Sittin Bull, grandson to Sittin...
Cows for Sale: 22 - Longhorn Cross Cows - Texas SOLD
22 hd Longhorn cross cows Cows are 6 and younger And are 4 months to pairs bred There are 4 calves...
Cows for Sale: 18 - Longhorn Cross Cows - Texas SOLD
18 hd Longhorn cross cows Cows are 3/8 months bred And and are 3/7 year Olds Cows are about to...
Cows for Sale: 20 - Longhorn Cross Cows - Texas SOLD
20 hd Bred cows Cows are Longhorn and Longhorn cross Cows are 3/7 year Olds They are 3/8 months...
Cows for Sale: 20 - Longhorn Cross Cows - Texas SOLD
20 bred longhorn cross cows Bred 2/8 months Cows are 2/6 yr olds Posted 07-04-16
Cows for Sale: 10 - Longhorn Cross Cows - Texas SOLD
10 hd 2/6 yr olds 3 hd are short to exposed 7 HD are 3/8 months bred Nice gentle set Posted...
Cows for Sale: 7 - Longhorn Cows - Texas SOLD
7 HD Longhorn cows Cows are 2/6 yr olds And 2/8 months bred Posted 06-08-16
Cows for Sale: 18 - Longhorn Cross Cows - Texas SOLD
18 hd 2/5 yrs old 5 months to exposed to longhorn and corriente bulls Cows are gentle and cake broke Posted...
Cows for Sale: 8 - Young Longhorn Cows - Texas SOLD
8 hd Young longhorn cows Cows are 2/3 years old Exposed to short bred Posted 05-17-16
Cows for Sale: 11 - Bred Cows - Texas SOLD
11 hd Longhorn cross cows Cows are 4/7 year Olds They are 2/7 months bred to corr bulls Cows...
Cows for Sale: 15 - Cows - Texas SOLD
15 longhorn cross cows 10 hd are 5/8 months bred 5 hd are short to exposed All cows are 6 and younger...
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Cows for Sale: 24 - Longhorn Cross Cows - Texas SOLD
24 cows 3 are pairs All cows are 7 and younger And are all 3 months are better bred Bred to both...
Cows for Sale: 20 - Longhorn Cross Cows - Texas SOLD
20 hd Longhorn cross cows 2 pairs 8 short bred to exposed 10 5 months or heavier bred All cows...
Cows for Sale: 19 - Longhorn Cross Cows - Texas SOLD
19 hd 2/4 yr Olds Most are 6/8 months bred Cattle are in good flesh bred to cor bulls Posted...
$850.00 per hd
Cows for Sale: 1 - Bred Longhorn Cow - Texas SOLD
Pictured below is the one cow that is bred but has no calf at her side. Also shown is the black bull...
Cows for Sale: 6 - Longhorn Corriente Cross Cows - Texas SOLD
6 hd Longhorn cross cows Cows are 8 years old Bred to corriente bulls Calve April 1st for 30 days Posted...
Cows for Sale: 5 - Big Longhorn Cows - Texas SOLD
5 hd Big spreads 5/6 year olds 3/5 months bred Cows are good and gentle Weigh 1100 Posted...
Cows for Sale: 17 - Bred Longhorn Cows - Iowa SOLD
17 head of 5 to 9 year old Longhorns cows bred to char bull to start April 1st. No broken horns or...
Cows for Sale: 15 - Longhorn Cross Cows - Texas SOLD
15 hd longhorn cross cows All have dehorned or tipped There are 5 opens 5/2 months bred 4/4 months...

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