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Bulls for sale: 10 - Registered Corriente Bulls - Wyoming
8 head - Virgin coming 2 year old bulls from NACA registered herd. All roped as yearlings. Calm dispositions....
Roping Cattle: 120 - Corriente Steers & Heifers - Wyoming
120 head of Corriente roping cattle from an NACA registered herd. Approx. 70 steers (still bulls as of...
$625 & $675
Roping Cattle: 10 - Fresh Corriente Steers - Wyoming
Fresh Corriente Steers. $650 for choice or $625 take them all. Nice set of steers Posted 03-04-1...
Cows for Sale: 109 - Good May Calving Cows 4yo-ST - Wyoming
This is a complete dispersal of 4ís and older. We have 51 head of coming 4ís, 10 hd coming 5, 11hd 6-8...
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Roping Cattle: 17 - Fresh Roping Longhorn Steers - Wyoming
Fresh roping stock, well fed and ready to perform. 17 total with 14 steers, 2 bulls and a heifer. These...
Roping Cattle: 10 - Fresh Ropers - Wyoming
10 Head fresh Ropers Posted 02-25-18
Cow Calf Pairs for Sale: 100 - Black Angus Pairs - Wyoming
You take up to 100 hd around May 1st,Blk Angus pairs,babies all tagged to match mothers,given multi-min...
Cows for Sale: Five and Six Year Old Black Angus Bred Cows - Wyoming
We have 20 hd of 5-6 yr old Black Angus bred Blk,March/April calving,cows ultrasound tested guaranteed...
Cow Calf Pairs for Sale: 16 - First Calve Heifer Pairs - Wyoming
Fancy set of high altitude Angus first-calf heifer pairs for sale. Where AI'ed to blue stem bull and...
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Bred Heifers for Sale: 68 - Home Raised Bred Heifers - Wyoming
Nice set of All Natural, 1 iron, F-1 and F-2 cross heifers. Line 1 Hereford and mostly Cole Creek Angus...
Bred Heifers for Sale: 98 - Bred Angus Heifers - Wyoming
Sychronized AI Heifers to start calving February 20 - March 20. Average weight 1030-1060. Mostly black,...
$1,700.00 OBO
Bred Heifers for Sale: 45 - Home Raised High Altitude Bred Heifers - Wyoming  SOLD
45 high altitude bred heifers. One iron, home raised. Bred to calving ease bulls. Will calve for 30...
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Cow Calf Pairs for Sale: 75 - Black Angus Heifer Pairs - Wyoming
You are buying 75 hd of 1st calf heifer pairs,heifers weighing 980-990#,calving March-April,blk angus...
$2,100.00   Video
Replacement Heifers for Sale: 300 - F1 Black Baldy Heifers - Wyoming  SOLD
300 head of black baldy heifers. Call Bruce for more info at 307 867 2402. Posted 01-22-18
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Cows for Sale: 300 - Black Angus 2nd and 3rd calf Bred Cows - Wyoming
Fancy set of coming 3 and coming 4 year old bred cows. Calf March 10 thru Mid May. Approximately 70%...
$1,800.00   Video
Cows for Sale: 48 - Bred Angus Cows - Wyoming  SOLD
38 Head black and b/w face smooth mouth bred cows. Bred to Reyes black Angus bulls and small percentage...
Cows for Sale: 100 - Angus Cows Calved Out - Wyoming
You are buying 100 Hd of Blk Angus pairs,March April solid mouth cows,bred blk,we calve them out,babies...
Bred Heifers for Sale: 75 - Black Angus Heifers Calved Out - Wyoming  SOLD
You are buying the done package here- 75 hd of Black Angus heifer pairs,we calve them out,babies tagged...
Bulls for sale: 90 - 2 Year Old Hereford Bulls - Wyoming  SOLD
Durbin Creek Ranch has 90 head of elite range ready Hereford bulls for sale. For more information contact...
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Cows for Sale: 120 - 3 and 4 Year Old Cows - Wyoming
2 loads of nice, solid black, 3 and 4 year old cows for sale. Medium framed and never pampered. Bred...
Cows for Sale: 105 - Bred Cows - Wyoming  SOLD
105 Hd of March April solid mouth cows that would make great recipt cows,whopping set of mothers,all...
Cows for Sale: 18- 3 Year Old March Calving Cows - Wyoming  SOLD
18 Hd of 3 yr old Blk Angus March calving cows,bred blk,real nice disposition,1185-1190# cows. Posted...
Cows for Sale: 100 - Corriente Cows - Wyoming  SOLD
Cows are bred to black Angus and balancer bulls to calve April 1st for 60 days. Have been poured and...
Cows for Sale: 34 - May Calving Corriente & Corriente/Beef Cross Cows - Wyoming  SOLD
A total of 34 head, will sell in three groups. Group 1 is 15 head of solid mouthed, 4 head broken mouth,...
$800 - $1,050
Bred Heifers for Sale: 12 - Registered Black Angus Bred Heifers - Wyoming
Replacement Heifers for Sale: 21 - Weaned Hereford Heifer Calves - Wyoming  SOLD
Gentle, fence line weaned 45+ days. Out of strong AI program. Steer mates have historically graded...
$925.00 per head
Bulls for sale: 1 - Corriente Bull - Wyoming
Good 4 year old corriente bull. Covered 100% of his cows last year. Posted 12-01-17
Cows for Sale: 45 - 3-5 Year Old March Calving Cows - Wyoming  SOLD
45 hd of Black Angus 3-5yr old March calving cows,no bad feet,no bad udders,poured and will repreg before...
Cows for Sale: 30 - Black March Calving Cows - Wyoming
30 hd of 6-9 yr old solid mouth Black Angus March calving cows,these cows are in excellent body condition,no...
Bred Heifers for Sale: 10 - Bred Corriente Cows - Wyoming
(10) Exposed Corriente & Longhorn Cross cows. 2nd and 3rd calf cows. All 10 had calves last year and...
$800 Per Head
Cows for Sale: 10 - 3 & 4 year old cows 2nd calvers - Wyoming  SOLD
Mixed lot of colored 3 & 4 year old Corrientes cows. 2nd calvers. Exposed to solid black Corrientes bull....
Bred Heifers for Sale: 10 - 2nd Calf Heifers - Wyoming
10 head of 2nd calf heifers. 4 Earnan sired females, 4 Harsy Monster females, and 2 females Monster...
Bred Heifers for Sale: 79 Head - Fancy Angus First Calf Heifers - Wyoming
The heifers are bred to sons and grandsons of GDAR Rainmaker and EXT (average birth epd -1.6 ) Calving...
Stocker Calves for Sale: 58 - High Altitude (mostly black) Calves - Wyoming  SOLD
27 steers and 31 heifers. Mostly black calves raised at 7200 feet elevation out of mature cows. Weaned...
$1.65 to $1.75
Bred Heifers for Sale: 48 - Angus Bred Heifers - Wyoming  SOLD
High powered Angus bred heifers due to calve end of February-March. 39 bred for first cycle and 9 bred...
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