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Beefmaster Breed Registry

Bred Heifers for Sale: 270 - Fancy Black/BWF Bred Heifers - Wyoming
5 loads with a total count of 270 head - take 1 pot load or more! Black/Black white face with a base...
Call for Price   Video
Bred Heifers for Sale: 20- Black Baldy AI Heifers- Wyoming
20 docile black baldy heifers AI to Schiefelbein EFFECTIVE 61 calving March 10, 2016. This bull is a...
Cow Calf Pairs for Sale: SALE PENDING - 6 - Corriente & Corriente/Longhorn Cross Cow Calf Pairs - Wyoming
4 - Corriente cows, 4 yrs old, 4 month old calves at side, bred back to red Corriente bull, $2,200.00...
Roping Cattle: 9 - Corriente calves for sale - Wyoming
We have 9 corriente calves for sale: #7 steer born in December, nice horns could be team roped now...
See details
Bred Heifers for Sale: 50 - Black Angus Bred Heifers - Wyoming
Fancy set of one brand black angus heifers. AI daughters out of Bismark and Final Answer black angus...
Cows for Sale: 160 - Fancy Blk Angus AI bred 3 yr olds - Wyoming
PRICE REDUCED!!!!!!!!Black angus 3 year olds. All have had one calf, run at 7,500 feet elevation. Bangs...
Bred Heifers for Sale: 100 - Fancy Blk Angus AI Bred Heifers - Wyoming
PRICE REDUCED!!!!!! Fancy black angus heifers. Run at 7,500 feet elevation, bangs vaccinated, poured...
Cows for Sale: 23 - Unique Registered Angus Cows - Cody Wyoming
Opportunity to purchase a small unique herd of registered Angus females known as Rockin Horse Genetics,...
$4,000 - $6,000
Roping Cattle: 60 - Break-a-way calves - Wyoming
60 Jersey/cross steers/bulls break-a-way calves too big to tie-down, but perfect for beginner ropers....
Cows for Sale: 21 - Corriente Cows - Wyoming
6 (solid mouthed) cows w/Corriente calves. 15 younger bred cows (3 to 6 year old). All 21 have been exposed...
Cow Calf Pairs for Sale: 10 - Corriente Pairs For Sale - Wyoming  SOLD
10 Corriente Pairs for sale. Cows/Calves vaccinated. Cows are Bangs’ vaccinated. Pictures are of pairs...
Cow Calf Pairs for Sale: 40 - Angus & Baldie Pairs - Wyoming
20 Mixed age cow pairs and 20 First calf heifer pairs. $3,500 on first calf heifer pairs and $2,850 for...
$2,850 - $3,500
Bulls for sale: 6 - Yearling Hereford Bulls - Wyoming
Yearling Hereford bulls for sale. Can be registered. Some polled, some with horns. Mainly been on hay....
Cow Calf Pairs for Sale: 18 - Head of Black Angus 1st calf heifer pairs - Wyoming
Nice set of 1st time heifer pairs, all calves tagged to match mother. All clean and healthy, being pastured...
3,500.00 OBO
Cow Calf Pairs for Sale: 35 - Fancy Black Angus 1st calf Heifer Pairs- Wyoming  SOLD
35- black angus (7 baldys) 1st calf heifer pairs out of 160 heifers total and a 600 cow herd.These are...
Cow Calf Pairs for Sale: 50 - Angus First Calf Heifer Pairs - Wyoming  SOLD
50 hd of black and red angus first calf heifer pairs. About half done calving now take part or all reds...
Cow Calf Pairs for Sale: 30 - Corriente Cow/Calf Pairs - Wyoming  SOLD
Solid mouthed corriente cows w/ solid colored corriente calves born starting 12/21/14 to present. Conditioned...
Replacement Heifers for Sale: 9 - High Altitude Quiet Angus-Cross Replacement Heifers - Wyoming
Genetics for thick, easy-fleshing on grass only. No hormones or grain. Easy-handling. Born March/April...
Average $1600. Please ask for individuals
Roping Cattle: 40 - Roping Cattle - Wyoming  SOLD
40 head Corriente roping steers. Broke in right and remain excellent ropers. Sorted from 100 head for...
$900.00 a head
Replacement Heifers for Sale: 80 - F1 Black Baldy Heifers - Wyoming  SOLD
80 head of F1 black baldy replacement heifers will be sold at Durbin Creek Ranch’s 3rd Annual Bull Sale...
Contact for Price
Bulls for sale: 69 - Red Angus Bulls - Wyoming
3B Red Angus Lovell Wyo has 6 head of yearling red angus bulls for sale all these bulls have a minus...
$3000 to $5000
Bulls for sale: 70 - Hereford Bulls - Wyoming  SOLD
70 head of 2 year old elite range ready Hereford bulls will be up for bid at the Durbin Creek Ranch's...
For bid at Auction
Cows for Sale: 35 - F1 Black Baldy Coming 3’s - Wyoming  SOLD
Nice set of mostly F1 Black Baldy coming 3’s. All had calves as 2 year olds and all bred back. Their...
Bred Heifers for Sale: 70 - Fancy A’Id Angus Heifers - Wyoming  SOLD
70hd Black Angus Heifers A’ID to Regis and Sons of 50/50 Calve 10th Feb for 15 days. We will keep and...
Bred Heifers for Sale: 125 - Blk Angus AI Bred Heifers - Wyoming  SOLD
Complete dispersal of our top end! Nothing kept back. These are the best of our ’13 calf crop. These...
Market Price, Negotiable
Cow Calf Pairs for Sale: 18 - Blk Angus Fall Pair - Wyoming  SOLD
Complete Dispersal of our 3 Year Old fall pairs. Cows are deep-angus and have been exposed back to Copyright...
Market Price, Negotiable
Cows for Sale: 22 - Blk Angus 3 Year Old Breds - Wyoming  SOLD
Complete Dispersal of our 3 Year Old spring breds. Cows are deep-Angus and are confirmed bred to Copyright...
Market Price, Negotiable
Bred Heifers for Sale: 10 - Fancy Angus Bred Heifers for Sale - Wyoming
10 head of Fancy Black Angus Heifers synced and AI’d to S A V Thunderbird 9061 to begin calving March...
$3000.00 per hd
Replacement Heifers for Sale: 36 - Angus Replacement Heifers - Wyoming  SOLD
Very fancy set of straight angus replacement heifers--home raised--all from one ranch. Been out on grass-...
$1800.00/hd   Video
Cows for Sale: 32 - Head of Bred 3-4 year old Cows - Wyoming  SOLD
Bred 3-4 year old cows, due to calve April/May. Bred to Black Angus Bulls. Posted 10-13-14
Bulls for sale: 5 - Solid Black Corriente Bulls - Wyoming  SOLD
5 solid black two yr old bulls for sale. Great bases sold smaller frame. Posted 09-28-14
Bulls for sale: 30 - Gentle Corriente Bulls - Wyoming  SOLD
Solid black and brown virgin corriente bulls. Exceptional bases/horns.Still good ropers. Will tric and...
$1,000.00 each
Roping Cattle: 80 - Corriente Ropers - Wyoming  SOLD
40 head Native Corrientes Roping Heifers 40 head Mexican Roping Steers Posted 07-01-14
Call for price
Bred Heifers for Sale: 8 - Exposed Roping Heifers - Wyoming  SOLD
Exposed coriente heifers weighing approximately 650, exposed for spring and summer calving. Posted...
Contact for Price
Bred Heifers for Sale: 6 - Corriente Heifers - Wyoming  SOLD
Most of them are black Only two have white on them. take them all or only a couple. You can still Rope...
$650 odo
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