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Schaff Angus Valley

Bulls for sale: 10 - Yearling Hereford Bulls - Montana
CURLEW CATTLE COMPANY 10 Yearling Hereford Bulls Sires include HH Advance 5017C ET (pictured),...
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Bred Heifers for Sale: 100 - 2019 Heifers- Coming 2 year-olds - Montana
Bred heifers Available -65 head bred for March 1st-April 10th -35 head bred for April 10th-May 15th Bred...
Cows for Sale: 85 - 2018 Cows- Coming 3 Year-olds - Montana
80-85 head of coming 3 year-old cows -Bred for March 25 for 60 days - Bred by Gateway Sim-Angus Bulls -As...
Cows for Sale: 45 - 2017 Cows-Coming 4 year-olds - Montana
40-45 Coming 4 year olds -Bred for April 1st for 50 days - Cows would be Comrade, Traveller, and Long...
Bred Heifers for Sale: 65 - Black Angus Heifers - Montana
Hi, I have 65 black angus heifers. These have 1 brand. Very even throughout. They will be preg checked...
100% black Angus one-iron bred heifers for sale. Heifers are sired by high performance J.C.Heiken and...
Cows for Sale: 200 - Bred Corriente Cows - Montana
200 head of northern raised corriente cows bred for March 1st calving to pure blood corriente bulls ...
Feeder Cattle for Sale: 40 - Grass Fed Aubrac Feeder Steers - Montana
Aubrac feeder steers. ALL NATURAL GAP 4 Posted 07-05-20
Bulls for sale: 2 - Westphal Red Angus Yearling Virgin Bulls - Montana
Two high quality Westphal yearling, virgin bulls for sale. I bought these bulls to put on heifer pairs,...
Roping Cattle: 25 - Roping Steers - Top Quality - Montana
Ready to rope, fresh full-blooded Corriente yearling roping steers. Horns past ears & strong horn bases....
Replacement Heifers for Sale: 102 - Replacement Heifers - Montana   SOLD
102 mostly black with some black baldies. They will weigh between 800-850. Posted 05-14...
Cow Calf Pairs for Sale: 60 - SHORT TERM ANGUS PAIRS - MONTANA   SOLD
60 Short term mostly angus pairs for sale. Calves are tagged to match cow. Calves were given alpha...
Cow Calf Pairs for Sale: 40 - First Calf Heifer Pairs - SE Montana  SOLD
All black bred black, calve April 1st for 21 days. Heifers have 3 separate brands, each heifer only has...
Roping Cattle: 90 - Fresh Full Blood Corrientes Cattle - Montana   SOLD
Montana raised Corrientes steers or heifers. 10-12 months old. Will be ready to rope this spring/summer....
Cows for Sale: 140 - FANCY ANGUS 5/6 Yrs - Montana   SOLD
Video on Stovall Ranches LLC Facebook page. Single iron home raised true 5 and 6 YO Angus cows. Aggressive...
Roping Cattle: 90 - Fresh and 2nd Year Ropers - Montana
90 fresh ropers (47 steers, 43 heifers), 27 second year ropers (mixed) Posted 03-02-20
Cows for Sale: PRICE REDUCED 47 Quality Bred Cows - Wyoming   SOLD
This is a good set of cows that have produced well for us. They arenít bad bags or culls. Our cattle...
Bulls for sale: 8 - Longhorn Bulls - Montana
8 yearling longhorn and longhorn cross bulls for sale 3 straight longhorn 1 ó3/4 longhorn/red angus 3...
Cows for Sale: 76 - Fall Calving Cows - Montana   SOLD
76 Fall Calving Black Angus Composite cows. 3-6 year olds. Bred for Aug. 15 -- Oct. 15. Genetics...
Replacement Heifers for Sale: 28 - Registered Angus Heifers - Montana   SOLD
J&T Performance Angus is offering 28 replacement heifers for sale! These heifers are sired by Sons of...
Bulls for sale: 15 - Registered Angus Bulls - Montana
J&T Performance Angus is offering 15 registered angus bulls for sale. These bulls are sired by sons...
Bulls for sale: 10 - Heritage Shorthorn Bulls - Montana
Wally Klose of Diamond K Shorthorns in Twin Bridges, Montana is offering several bulls. They are bulls...
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Cows for Sale: 56 - Short Term Cows - Montana   SOLD
56 head,1500+ pound Black Angus short term cows for sale. Bred to Vermillion and J.C. Heiken Countdown...
Replacement Heifers for Sale: 130 - Heifer Calves - Montana   SOLD
130 Black Angus, home-raised, one-iron replacement heifer calves from Eastern Montana for sale. These...
Bred Heifers for Sale: 10 - Bred Irish Black Heifers - Montana  SOLD
10 Registered Irish Black Heifers for sale to calve starting April 15th for 60 days. Posted...
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Cows for Sale: 10 - Registred Irish Black Cows - Montana  SOLD
10 Irish Black cows age 3 to 8 years of age. Bred to start calving April 15 for 60 days. All good mothers...
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Bulls for sale: 8 - Irish black Bulls - Montana  SOLD
8 Registered Irish Black and Irish Red bulls for sale 1 to 4 yrs, virgin bulls. Grass developed, very...
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Gentle handled with horses and dogs older cows know what cake is NOT fence crawlers . Mostly younger...
Cows for Sale: 25 - Running Age Black Angus Cows - MARCH CALVERS - Montana  SOLD
25 head. These are our best cows. All caught on first cycle. Easy calving, good mothers and are great...
Bred Heifers for Sale: Feb/March Bull Bred Heifers - Montana
35 head AI bred heifers due Jan 15. 80 head of bull bred Feb/ March. Posted 12-12-19
Cow Calf Pairs for Sale: 6 - Corriente Pairs - Montana  SOLD
6 pairs of mixed age, cows are gentle, they have been dehorned. Always produce good calves . Calves are...
$750.00 per pair
Bulls for sale: 5 - Angus Range Bulls - Montana  SOLD
5 Range Bulls. Stout. Rugged. Sustainable. Muscle. Maternal. Moderation. Hereís your opportunity to...
$2,000.00 each   Video
Bred Heifers for Sale: 80 -Angus Heifers - Montana
80 head of angus bred heifers, bull bred for 30 days to start March 1. Bred to high calving ease SAV...
$1,600. OBO
Bred Heifers for Sale: 150 - Angus Bred Heifers - Montana
150 Black angus bred heifers. 1 iron. Bred to Wheeler Mountain Angus bulls. Ultrasounded into 20 day...
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Cows for Sale: 39 - Bred Coming Three-Year Old Angus Cows - Montana  SOLD
This is a nice set of bred two year-old Angus cows. They have been preg checked, vaccinated and poured....
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